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new product launch | small volume cnc three-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:28
 content prompt: hilin technology launched c09 series of miniature vacuum pumps
chengdu hilin technology has newly developed a small-volume three-chamber speed-regulating vacuum pump, the c09 series, which has been tested and officially released in december 2018. this series of miniature vacuum pumps adopts a three-chamber pump body structure design with smooth and stable small pulsation flow output, and the circuit input adopts full digital signal control with strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable work, and offers a variety of options in speed adjustment methods. there are three types: knob speed control type, pwm speed control type and frequency speed control type.

for customers who have strict requirements for flow pulsation, the c09 series is your excellent choice. this product has a unique structural design. the three-chamber pump body digital control circuit, truly realizes fine and stable control. its internal closed-loop control algorithm can monitor and adjust the motor speed in real time, keep the speed and output stable, and ensure the stability and reliability of pump operation.

in addition, the c09 series is equipped with a working indicator, which integrates the function of speed indication. when the speed is fast, the corresponding indicator flashes fast, and when the speed is slow, the corresponding indicator flashes slowly. you can intuitively understand the pump's operating status. like other hilin products, this pump still integrates overheat protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection and undervoltage protection, which effectively prolongs the service life of the pump.