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new product launch | 43db ultra-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:35
content prompt: hilin technology d23 series of miniature pumps are launched in glory

in november 2018, the d23 series dual-purpose micro vacuum pumps and compressors were officially launched. in terms of different parameters such as flow, vacuum, output pressure, noise, etc., this series of air pumps are divided into two models, d23s and d23sl, which can meet the scenarios requiring flow rate that do not exceed 0.8l/min and 1.3l/min. both products have passed reliability, stability, air tightness and other performance tests and are released for sale at the same time.
in order to meet the requirements of high reliability, high air tightness and low noise application scenarios, the d23 series products adopt a unique noise reduction process, and use our company's patented technology to greatly reduce the operating noise of the air pump. the noise of the premium version can be as low as 43 decibels. the analysis-level airtight structure is realized by the design of two sealing structures. the design, materials and parameters of the d23 series air pump meet the industrial grade high reliability requirements, and can work stably for a long time under the maximum load. the design life of the premium version exceeds 10,000 hours. this product not only achieves extremely  low noise and long life, but also realizes pwm speed control, overload and overheat protection, start-stop signal control, speed feedback and other functions in a compact size, which is easy to use for customers.

this type of air pump is characteristic of good air-tightness, compact size, ultra-long life and extremely low noise, and is especially suitable for scenes that require low noise, safe and leak-free equipment, and long-term stable operation, such as medical equipment, environmental online detection and analysis equipment,laser equipment, gas sampling and analysis equipment and other fields.