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1.power supply system

220v ac power supply

our c and d series piston pumps adopt 220v ac power supply; if you choose other types of micro vacuum pumps, air pumps and compressors and liquid pumps, you can select a dc power adapter to supply ac 220v power

>>c, d series miniature piston pump model list

24v dc power supply

c09、c26、c30、d35、c50、d50、c60、d60、c61、s36 series products can provide 24v dc power supply models

>>c series miniature vacuum pump model list

>>d micro vacuum pump and compressors model list

>>s series miniature vacuum liquid pump model list


12v dc power supply

c17、d23、c25、c26、c30、d35 series products can provide 12v dc power supply models

5v dc power supply

5v dc power supply available for c13、c25、c15、d15、s15

lithium battery power

c13、c15、d15、s15 series adopt wide voltage power supply, suitable for lithium battery power supply

>>s series miniature vacuum liquid pump model list

2. flow control function

need speed control funtion

most of our air pump models can provide flow control,i.e. speed control functions in multiple forms of speed control knob, lcd touch screen and inputting pwm signal, frequency signal or voltage signal, etc. customers can choose according to application scenarios.

>>c series miniature vacuum pump model list

>>d micro vacuum pump and compressors model list

no need for speed control

 some basic simplified products do not have the function of flow adjustment, and the micro pump drive motor works at a fixed motor speed

need non-standard fixed flow

for products that require a flow rate lower than the nominal flow rate and without need for flow adjustment, our company provides a ‘ customized flow type’ , which can be calibrated according to customer needs.

>>customization options and non-standard customization guide


adjust the flow through the throttle valve

besides adjusting the flow rate by adjusting the motor speed, the flow rate can also be adjusted by connecting a throttle valve in series in the gas circuit. our company provide a variety of multi-functional precision control valves, which can be used for flow adjustment. >>f series precision control valve model list

3.replaceable pneumatic connectors 

fixed pneumatic connector

some models of miniature pumps such as c09, c13, c15, d15, s15, c17, d23, s23, d60, c61 series are equipped with fixed pneumatic connectors, which are none-replaceable, and need to be matched with suitable hoses according to the size


replaceable hose connector

some models of micro pumps can be installed with stainless steel hose connectors, nylon hose connectors, and pp plastic hose connectors. customers can purchase connectors according to actual conditions and inner diameters of the hose.

>>special customized connector for micro pump 


replaceable quick-change couplings

some models of micro pumps can be installed with stainless steel pc8 or pc6 quick-change couplings and used with rigid tubes of 8mm or 6mm outer diameter. customers can choose the connectors according to the actual situation and the outer diameter of the hard tube.

replaceable internal threaded connectors

c50, d50, c60 series air pumps can be purchased with reinforced nylon or stainless steel internal threaded connectors, which can be used with the above-mentioned interchangeable joints or other types of threaded joints provided by the customer

other types of special joints

for other types of special joints, please contact our company for non-standard product customization

>>customization options and non-standard customization guide

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