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application of micro diaphragm pump in 3d inkjet printing in-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-12 10:04

i. background introduction

printing technology refers to the imprinting of different designs, patterns and characters on specific carriers and fabrics in a certain way. by difference in printing tools, it is divided into forme-based printing and plateless printing . here we mainly talk about one of the plateless methods, the 3d inkjet printing .
the original pattern is designed on a computer, and prints the designated pattern on the carrier by controlling the mechanical inkjet device. it has the advantages of high printing and dyeing efficiency, exquisite pattern, flexible production and non-fading. it is very popular in the industry.

the applications of diaphragm pumps in this industry include:

-waste liquid
-ink degassing
-system vacuum and pressure
-cleaning station
-vacuum (to maintain a constant meniscus pressure of the print head)
-ink tank pump
-chemical supplement
-ink circulation
-pressure injection


the mechanism of inkjet is to use a diaphragm pump to generate positive pressure and negative pressure. the pressure acts on the ink tank to squeeze the ink out of the nozzle, so that the ink is printed on the carrier, as shown in the following schematic diagram:

1. pressurization process: the inkjet process is a continuous process, so a gas storage tank needs to be installed to stabilize the pressure. the air pump will supply air to the gas storage tank, and the pressure in the tank will gradually rise. when the pressure gauge/pressure sensor detects the pressure in the tank reaches a specified pressure, the feedback signal is sent to the intermediate relay, the relay is disconnected, and the pump stops working.
2. pressure stabilization process: the gas storage tank stabilize the capacity pressure, the gas consumption pipeline is connected to the ink tank, the inkjet process continues to consume gas, and the pressure continues to decrease. when the pressure detected by the pressure sensor is lower than the set value, the output signal is sent to the middle relay,then the middle relay is closed, and the pump starts to work to ensure the gas tank constant pressure.

iii. difficulties in application 

1. the inkjet process is continuous, and the pump needs to be in a long-term working state, which requires long pump life. 
2. during the inkjet process, the pump will be in a state of frequent start and stop due to high-frequency gas-consuming operations. it is necessary to replenish the gas tank from time to time to ensure a constant pressure in the tank, which requires extremely high pump stability.
3. inkjet requires a stable pressure, and the pressure supply system is required to maintain high parameter consistency during long-term fatigue work.

iv. solutions

d50, d35 miniature air pump

purpose: provide positive pressure, and the pressure acts on the ink tank for inkjet operation;
brief description: miniature air pump, stable and continuous pressurization, positive pressure range 10kpa to 130kpa, support frequency speed control;
advantages: stable flow, small pulsation and adjustable; stable output pressure; compatible with corrosive and complex media.

c30, c26, c50 mini vacuum pump

purpose: provide negative pressure, absorb pigments, circulate air flow, and use negative pressure to work intermittently to remove heat from the system;
brief description: miniature vacuum pump, produces stable negative pressure, relative vacuum degree -10kpa to -83kpa,
advantages: stable performance; long life; even if the inlet is completely blocked, it can work normally; suitable for various harsh working conditions.

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