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new product launch| cost-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:52
content prompt: hilin technology c17 series mini vacuum pumps were successfully launched

hilin technology has newly developed a low-power, ultra-small-volume miniature vacuum pump——c17 series. the average flow rate of this series is 0.4 and 0.6l/min, and the peak flow rate is 0.5 or 1l under the conditions of 25℃ and standard atmospheric pressure 101kpa. /min,which has passed the test and is officially launched.

this pump adopts high-quality brush motor. the test life is> 1500h under full load, day and night continuous operation conditions. the material of the wetted parts is made of reinforced nylon and epdm rubber. it has good tolerance of  alcohol, weak acid, alkali, ozone, etc. .
the c17 series has a rated voltage of 12v and can be driven by dry batteries or lithium batteries. it has the characteristics of ultra-small size and ultra-low power consumption. at the same time, it is simple to control and use, and is especially suitable for portable or mobile devices. this type of product is an economical product, especially suitable for occasions that require strict control of finished products and do not need long-life continuous operation. for details, please consult our company's pre-sales engineer.