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c, d and s series micro diaphragm pump passed ce-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:51
recently, multiple models of c series miniature vacuum pumps, d series miniature vacuum pumps and compressors and s series miniature vacuum liquid pumps developed and manufactured by chengdu hilin technology have obtained the conformity certificate issued by the ce announcement certification laboratory of eu, marking the micro diaphragm pumps independently developed and produced by hilin technology meet the eu safety standards in terms of safety and electromagnetic compatibility, and comply with the strict eu laws and regulations. hilintec will meet further oem customer demand and expand to overseas markets.
in recent years, with the development of the miniature pump industry, hilin technology has closely followed the development of the industry and has taken the lead in launching a speed control vacuum pump with touch-sensitive lcd screen speed control function, and air pump status monitoring function with rs485 industrial standard serial bus communication port and innovative products such as ultra-small size micro pumps with brushless motors that can be powered by lithium batteries. adhering to the "industrial-grade" quality standards, the nominal life of our products are measured under the maximum load conditions to meet the demands of industrial customers for continuous heavy load operation. passing the ce certification also marks that hilin technology has reached a higher standard in terms of technology, quality, use and safety. at the same time, it is also practicing hilin technology's benchmarking with international first-line brands, integrating the company's development with world standards, and making new improvements and requirements in terms of management, specifications, standards, technology, safety, and quality.

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