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release time:2020-08-31 16:47
content prompt: hilin technology c30l series mini vacuum pump is finalized and launched

corresponding to our company's miniature air pump d35l and c26 series, our company has developed the miniature vacuum pump c30l series, which is small in size and flexible in control mode. the flow rate is roughly adjustable in the range of 4-6l/min. it has passed the test and officially went on the market. the c30l premium version has a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, and does not need to be shut down for maintenance during the lifespan. the diaphragm has undergone 1 billion reciprocating fatigue tests and can operate stably for a long time under heavy load conditions. this series of pumps are oil-free pumps and will not pollute the conveyed medium. the pump chamber is composed of epdm rubber and reinforced nylon. it has good chemical stability and can be used to convey a variety of corrosive media. at the same time, the premium version of this series of micro pumps has lcd touch screen function, which can touch control speed, start and stop of the pump, and the lcd screen can display working condition alarms. at the same time, compared with the 50/60 series, this mold is directly designed with convenient internal threaded interface, customers can quickly replace a variety of joints according to their needs.

 c30l series miniature vacuum pumps can be divided into four types: basic type, knob speed control type, frequency speed control type and top configuration type according to whether speed can be adjusted and different speed control mode, and are also divided into four types: the basic version, standard version and premium version based on the performance of lifetime, material, parameter consistency, etc, which provide customers more model options in control methods, prices and performance. this type of vacuum pump can be used for gas sampling and gas delivery of gas analysis equipment, and internal gas circulation of medical instruments, remote control of vacuum holding and gas compression and other application scenarios. in the future, we also plan to launch c30m and c30s series products with a smaller flow rate to further expand our company's products portfolio.

this series of miniature smart air pumps are equipped with stainless steel hose connectors as standard. in addition, we can provide various other customized connectors as well as more custom options such as special media, high and low temperature special working environment, special control methods, special installation methods, special flow and pressure parameters and special lifetime requirements to meet a wider range of customer needs.