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new product launch | small flow, wide voltage mini air pump-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:18
content prompt: hilin technology c13l series micro air pumps are successfully launched

hilin technology has newly developed a small-flow miniature air pump-c13l series, with a flow rate of about 0.4l/min. it has passed the test and is officially launched. this pump uses a high-quality brush motor. the standard version of the diaphragm has undergone a fatigue test of 500 billion reciprocating motions, and has the life and reliability of an industrial-grade product. the material of the wetted parts is reinforced nylon and epdm rubber, which has good resistance to alcohol, weak acid, alkali, ozone, etc.

the c13l series adopts wide-voltage power supply, can be driven by dry batteries or lithium batteries, and has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, small and compact, so it is especially suitable for portable or mobile devices. this model of products are divided into two versions, simplified version and standard version according to different parts quality, quality control and manufacturing process. please specify the version when ordering. please consult our company's pre-sales engineers for the differences in specific versions.