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new product launch | large flow and high air tightness c60-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:43
content prompt: hilin technology c60 series mini vacuum pumps are launched

recently, our company's c60 series, a compact, high-vacuum, large-flow miniature vacuum pump, passed the finalization test and was successfully launched. this series breaks through the structural limitations of the c50 and d50 series. it has built-in double pump chambers and exhaust fans to enhance internal heat dissipation, while effectively improving parameters such as vacuum and flow. in a compact size, it achieves a peak flow of 28l/min and the relative vacuum degree of 83kpa, which further optimizes the control circuit and product reliability.


like the 50 series, the c60 series still has built-in digital logic circuits and adopts closed-loop control logic. the speed and start-stop control of the micro pump can be performed through the touch of the lcd screen, and rs-485 remote working condition monitoring can be realized. at the same time, the whole system comes standard with many protection functions such as overheating protection, overload, power supply overvoltage and reverse connection. c60 series vacuum pumps are divided into four functional types: basic type, remote control type, touch control type and top configuration type, and are divided into three versions of simplified version, standard version and quality version. there are 6 ordering options. please consult pre-sales engineers of our company for specific differences.

for such miniature smart vacuum pumps, our company provides a wide range of customized options, including stainless steel connectors, quick-change couplings, special media for pumping, special high and low temperature working environments, special control methods, special installation methods, special flow and pressure parameters, special life requirements, etc. to meet a wider range of customer needs.