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new product launch | shocking 50g extremely compact pump-凯发体育app

release time:2020-08-31 16:37
content prompt: hilin technology launched c15l series micro vacuum pumps 

after two years of research,development and verification, the c15l series of miniature vacuum pumps have passed various tests on reliability, life, environment, function and air tightness, and were officially released and launched on the market in november 2018. for application scenarios that require gas circulation on portable mobile devices, the c15 product innovatively adopts a wide-voltage and low-power design, and achieves a pumping flow rate of 1l per minute and an analysis-level high air-tightness in an extremely small volume. 

with the gradual miniaturization and portability of environmental testing instruments and gas analysis equipment, various manufacturers have put forward higher and higher requirements for the miniaturization of the pumps when selecting sampling pumps and gas circulation pumps during the equipment development process. it is necessary for micro pumps to meet the requirements of industrial-grade reliability and air-tightness in the process of further miniaturization. it’s still difficult for the traditional 12v or 24v power supply micro vacuum pumps to meet the requirements of portable devices that use lithium ion polymer batteries or 18650 industrial lithium batteries. c15l series miniature vacuum pump came into being as a result, its physical size is as small as 50*29*36mm, weight is only 50g and  has extremely compact design. at the same time, it can operate stably in the voltage range of 3.2v-6v, and can flexibly use dc3.3v lithium batteries, dc4.5v dry batteries in series and dc5v usb for power supply. meanwhile, under the extremely compact size, this series of pumps are still equipped with the functions of reverse connection protection, pwm speed regulation, heavy load detection and protection, which is convenient for customers to adjust the flow and provide thorough protection for the operation of the miniature machine.